30+ Lovely Tiny House Kitchen Storage Ideas

Lovely Tiny House Kitchen Storage Ideas15

How long does it take to build a tiny house from scratch? There are different levels to building and depending on the available time you spend, then the time frames vary. If it’s a part-time project it could take up to 3 years to finish the entire home as a full-time job takes up most of your time and maybe just weekends are free to work on it.

When building on a full-time basis, with proper planning it could take as little as 3 months or less. And what about budget? As a rule of thumb, it would be guesstimate to say that you could double the amount you will spend on the shell as for the interior including appliances and furniture.

Let’s look at the following listing to start visualizing where everything will be placed. If you have a sketch of these details, this will help you a great deal. By now you should have done your list of appliances and furniture with each measurement in order to make sure they fit and are what you really wanted to own and need.

1. Kitchen:

  • Stove/Oven or Cook top?
  • Cabinets bottom and top or shelves for top?
  • Counter Tops – Wood, Laminate or Granite?
  • Sink
  • Faucet
  • Garbage slide-out?
  • Garbage disposal?
  • Pantry Cabinet or Slide Out?
  • Refrigerator – full size or small?
  • Will your kitchen have a window over sink?
  • Will you have enough counter top space for other small appliances (coffee maker, microwave, toaster)

Wow, seems overwhelming, but what a satisfying experience to sit back and enjoy it all now. Your Tiny House will be the center of attraction for family and friends.

Invite them to participate as brainstorming among a few for ideas from them could be an eye opener and things you would have never thought of. Many ideas come together by sharing this wonderful journey for the inside of your tiny house. The outcome? A reflection of your style.

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