20+ Charming Wall Lamp Designs Ideas

Charming Wall Lamp Designs Ideas44

The lighting in your home is a very important feature. It makes the difference between welcome and cold. You can create the look and feel of any room just by the types of lighting used. You don’t have to settle for the standard table or floor lamp. Wall lamps, sconces and task lights are just some of the many types available.

Interior designers know that the lighting in a room is what separated an okay room with a great looking room. Homeowners are often intimidated by the overwhelming task of choosing lighting that only professional decorators seem capable of mastering. However this isn’t the case. A few pointers, determination and a little experimenting can create the environment you want. You’ll soon be the envy of your neighbors.

The first thing you should think about is to look at lighting as layers. Think of it as a 3-layer cake.

The first layer will be the ambient layer. This is what is most often seen when a switch is flipped. This layer provides general or overall lighting for the room. The lights include can lights, overhead fixtures or ceiling fans with lights.

Your next layer will be the task lighting. Task lighting is needed to direct light in place where you need it so you can perform certain jobs. Task lighting can be swing arm wall lamps over the bed just for reading or a hanging lamp over the kitchen island so you can see your food.

The last layer is accent lighting. It’s the frosting on your cake. This layer is needed for creating a warm glow over a mantle, for highlighting certain objects in a room. This adds depth and texture through contrasts. This is where your final look is created. Be patient and experiment until you achieve the feel you are after.

Wall sconces are normally placed along hallways or doorways to add security and needed lighting. They are also great for adding dimension in bathrooms, dining rooms and living rooms. In a bathroom, wall lamps create an open yet tranquil feeling while providing the necessary illumination.

Wall lighting is directional. This means they can be face upwards toward the ceiling, down facing a favorite painting or diagonally across a wall. Wall lamps are often used for task lighting while wall sconces are used more for decorative accents. The wall lamps often have an adjustable extending arm that works well for reading or other hobbies.

Wall lamps can be used to light a dim hall, add a subtle touch of style to any room or create a tranquil space in the bathroom. Wall sconces and lamps easily establish the boundaries in a room. They define areas for different uses. Using wall sconces to cast a soft glow on a painting, for example, creates the illusion of a focal point while using a wall lamp to light the game table defines it as a family fun area.

You can create a unique environment personalized to your taste and comfort with the use of different types and designs of lighting. Experiment with different looks until you find the one that gives you the feeling you want.


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